5 mistakes to avoid when traveling with your spouse

You’re both in a foreign country, out of your comfort zone, and possibly having to deal with stressful situations. If you don’t want to end the trip filing for divorce you should avoid making the following mistakes.

1. Not planning the trip together.

Imagine if you wake up and your partner has already booked a session of aromatherapy, exfoliation, and oil massage. If the first thing that comes to mind is that you’re not sure you like mud on your face and that your feet are really ticklish, then something went wrong.

What if you had envisioned late breakfasts and mojitos by the pool all week, but your spouse had filled each day with several activities? And they had all been paid for? Sulking wouldn’t solve the problem.

Planning is a special part of the trip and if not done together, one half of the couple might not be happy with the other’s decisions. It’s also a good way to assess your expectations and plan it in a way that both agree.

2. Compromising and never exploring on your own.

Imagine you’re in Barcelona and your spouse comes to you excited when they find out Barca is playing that afternoon. “Who’s Barca?” is not really the reply they are expecting! You actually want to go to La Boqueria Market, but give in to keep them happy.

At the game, when you ask yourself for the third time “What the hell am I doing here?” You realise you regret your decision and start resenting them for that.

It’s okay to do stuff separately. You could easily have avoided the headache by going to market on your own and meeting later for tapas and sangria. Both of you would have had a nice time without making any compromise.

It’s good to remember that you’re not joined at the hip and that it’s healthy for each to have their own experiences. It’s not like you should never compromise, but if you really don’t want to do something, you don’t have to.

3. Believing it’s going to be perfect.

Shit happens when you travel. When your partner is having a violent bout of Delhi Belly, you’re going to see a side of them you wish you never knew existed. When they are considering wearing diapers, you know it’s the trip of lifetime!

You’re bound to have stressful situations. The way you and your spouse react to them is going to define if a small problem will ruin your trip or if you’re going to laugh it off and just enjoy the moment.

4. Not talking about money.

People don’t all have the same budgets and we all like to spend our money differently, so things can go sideways if a couple doesn’t talk about it before hitting the road. A person used to all-inclusive resorts might have a heart attack just at the mention of staying in a hostel.

You shouldn’t go into debt just to avoid the money conversation. If your partner loves you I’m sure you’ll find a middle ground where you both can have a nice time. You don’t have to stretch every dollar.

5. Not communicating.

At the end of the day it all comes down to communication. Before, during, and after the trip. Small annoyances tend to slowly build up and when you’re least expecting your significant other goes mental shouting, “If you bloody remind me again about what time it is, my head will explode!

You don’t want that!

If they clearly aren’t good with maps and you’re fed up with getting lost, you should kindly say something and take charge. If you’re annoyed they spend too much on massages or cocktails, explain that you didn’t really budget for these things.

More often than not your spouse is completely oblivious to what’s happening and will happily oblige, saving both of you an unnecessary argument.

5 Mistakes travel agents make and how to avoid them

Being a travel agent is a demanding profession and not suitable for those with a procrastinating nature. The importance of your work cannot be understated as individuals who come to you will be spending thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of their hard-earned dollars and days or weeks of their time trusting that you have done your work to ensure they get the greatest satisfaction. Not only can doing a poor job reflect poorly on your business and drive you out of the market entirely but if you do not meet certain legal requirements in the contract that you signed with the customers, you could find yourself in legal trouble as well. So what are the top five mistakes travel agents make and how can you avoid them?

1 – Not educating yourself

Learning how to avoid mistakes begins with learning how to be better travel agents – and this begins with learning itself. Educating yourself on the ins and outs of the travel agency will be crucial to any successful travel agent’s career. You need to have all of your business ducks in a row before you can possibly hope to begin to organize significant portions of other people’s lives – especially when they’re traveling abroad. Having all the start-up paperwork done, learning how the industry works and ideally getting trained by professionals can save you time, effort and anguish by teaching you how to avoid common mistakes travel agents make in the industry. Educating yourself is the first step in how to be a better travel agent.

2 – Have a passive business style

Another one of the big mistakes travel agents make is a passive style of advertisement or non-advertisement. If you wait for clients to come to you, not only are you wrong but you will not be in business for very long. Most clients will not seek you out – you must convince your clients or prospective clients that you are worthy of their time and their money. In this modern day and age with self-booking tools and other travel assistance available for free at the touch of a computer key or phone, you have to convince an unwilling public why the presumed archaic institution of travel agents is still relevant in the 21st century. You need to offer them a personalization and a human touch that they cannot get from technology alone when they travel abroad. You are not just travel agents to them, once you successfully sell yourself, you are travel solutions incarnate.

Your rationale may go something like this, “I’m a small business, I’m working for myself and I won’t have to split any profits if I do all these things by myself.” However, you have no idea how deeply flawed your logic is even for a brand new travel agency. For starters, attempting to go solo in this competitive market puts you at a significant market disadvantage. Think of all the people you know who use travel agents. Now think: would they trust the travel agents who they have already used previously who have delivered exceptional quality and travel solutions? Or will they use you who has shown no experience and has just started? If your own friends and family would be concerned about using you, how much more so total strangers? This is not a reflection on your competency but rather your experience. If you really want to get into the industry and know how to be a better travel agent, then you need to spend a time of service working for a related industry or as part of a travel agency organization. In working with an organization, you not only gain experience but name recognition. You learn how you could operate and build a name for yourself in the industry. In the future, when clients are looking for the ideal getaway, they will want to come to you. Going solo right out of the chute is a recipe for failure.

4 – Not being available

This is probably one of the greatest travel agent sins there is. If you are not available to your client whenever they need you, then not only have you put your business at a significant disadvantage, but you have put your own client at a disadvantage as well. As travel agents, when they need you they really need you. If your clients are abroad and suddenly they find something is amiss or something has gone wrong in their travel plans, they will immediately want to contact you to determine what has happened. If you are unavailable due to time differences or other considerations, your clients are up a creek without a paddle in a foreign river. This is where Travelport Mobile Agent can come to assist. Travelport Mobile Agent is an exceptional tool used by professionals throughout the industry that allows travel agents to serve their clients even when they are personally unavailable to do so. It would be impossible for you to be awake and available at all hours of the day and night to meet every need from every client who is traveling. They may call you while you are at dinner, while you are in conference with another client or while you are trying to enjoy your valuable hours of sleep. But with Travelport Mobile Agent , all the questions, concerns and problems from your clients can be addressed through your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. It’s a perfect travel solution for how to be always available to serve your client.

5 – Not triple check everything

Probably the most important tip on this list is to triple-check everything. You have no idea how easy it can be to mistake a single-digit, especially when you’ve been looking at numbers, pricing, fares and other things all day. However, that one digit might be the difference between an AM flight or a PM flight. It could be the difference between making a flight and missing a flight. It can be the difference between the incoming flight coming into one airport and the outgoing flight departing from another. It is your responsibility to triple-check everything! A single mistake can ruin an entire trip for your client. They will not remember all the nice things you did for them – they are most likely to remember the giant mix-up and how much of an inconvenience it was.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be a travel agent whom your clients will return to again and again when they are looking for adventure.

Find out more about Travelport Mobile Agent.

5 mistakes to avoid when traveling with your spouse - travels


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Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Published by Jennie Campbell on June 30, 2017

Even if you are on a first trip or travel frequently, it is ordinary to make a few silly mistakes. But sometimes these mistakes can ruin your trip and even make your travel experience worst. In order to enjoy your vacation you need to avoid some common pitfalls with a little planning. Make sure to avoid the following travel mistakes.

1. Overpacking

Exceeding the weight limit can make you stuck with heavy baggage fees. Pack your bag as usual rather than overloading it with extra and unwanted things. No need to sacrifice style. Just take out extra clothes you initially planned.

Pack only the necessary and useful things or items. Purchase the rest at your destination. Have a review after packing everything and further try to minimize the load. Explore the list of 15 things you don’t need to pack to avoid carrying additional weight.

2. Not Having Travel Insurance

4 out of 5 Americans do not use travel insurance when traveling outside the US. They are unaware of the fact that their medical coverage does not protect them out of their country. Travel insurance involves some of the medical expenses benefits as well.

In case your own health insurance policy does not cover you outside your country then emergency medical expenses are also covered in some travel insurance plans.

Let us discuss the key benefits of buying a travel insurance.

  • Provide fast assistance when passport gets misplaced.
  • Offers basic requirements in case your luggage is lost.
  • Gives maximum coverage at minimum cost.
  • Supply meal reimbursements in case your flight gets delayed.
  • You can get back home safely in case of a disaster.
  • It saves your money while cancellation of your ticket.
  • Provide coverage for legal liabilities.

3. Neglecting the Budget & Running Out of Money

Make a practical budget you can stick to and be prepared for unexpected expenses. If wandering long term, plan weekly transfers from your nest egg to your survey like a paycheck, to know exactly about the details of your future investments.

Estimate carefully the amount of money you can afford to spend. Plan your journey during the off season. Look for various packaged deals. Prefer to use connecting flights as it cuts cost.

4. Not Checking Your Mobile Plan

Avoid data roaming fees by knowing exactly about your data plan. Leave your cell phone either in airplane mode or turn off your data before you get on the plane. Still you will quite be able to connect to wi-fi.

You can avail an international plan or can purchase a local sim card if data is more important to you.

Take a text messaging package such as Global Messaging Packages that ranges from $10 per month for 50 messages sent from more than 150 countries.

Carry the right gadgets including myCharge and New Trent‘s rechargeable, GoSwype microfiber cleaning cloths and portable battery packs.

5. Not Making Copies of Essential Documents

Have a backup plan. Always carry two hard copies of important documents like IDs, credit cards, travel insurance policy, visa, passport etc with you.

Possibly you can have a soft copy in the form of a password protected .pdf on an email account. You can also keep them safe on a memory stick or online cloud. Just in case, if you lose the hard copies & the original ones then you can easily access the required documentation and fasten the renewal process.

Next time you are out for traveling, ensure not to commit these mistakes. Happy journey!

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Do I have an international data plan?

Y’all. This is one of the most common travel mistakes and so it’s one of the most important questions to ask when traveling abroad.

The world is becoming increasingly connected, but certain companies seem to be lagging behind, so international data charges are a monster travelers should actively avoid. For example, when I travel with Smoky (a TMobile customer) she can just turn on her phone in any new country and it works like it would at home with no extra charges.

But if I did that ( a Verizon customer), I would literally have to sell my soul to lord satan to be able to afford it.

Thankfully, if you don’t have an international data plan you can easily

  • Pick up a sim card with a few gigs of data on it at the airport or in the city center.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode and hope there’s abundant free wifi available.
  • Just use some walkie talkies or smoke signals or something idk.

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