Two thirds of Mexican women over the age of 15 have experienced gendered violence. The #NoTeCalles campaign is making sure that changes

THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE of Statistics and Geography estimated that 63% of Mexican women over 15 have experience gendered violence. A 2010 United Nations report named Mexico one of the most dangerous countries to live in as a woman. Gender-based killing has even received its own Spanish word — feminicidio — in the last few years because of how often it occurs: estimates say seven women die from “femicide” every day.

In response, activists have created the #NoTeCalles campaign, along with this video. The video shows three women who were involved in highly publicized cases of sexual assault in Mexico City. Yakiri Rubio spent three months in jail for after killing her rapist in self-defense. Gabriela Nava, a university student, was sexually assaulted by a university staff member while riding public transport. American journalist Andrea Noel was attacked by a man who pulled down her underwear from beneath her skirt while she walked down the street.

Watch the video above to hear their message and read the full article on the movement in Mic here.

Watch the video: Gender Based Violence: A Guide To Global Issues. Global Citizen

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