The next generation of Burners looks like this

Thompson Family, BM 2014.

You might’ve heard of Burning Man, the annual gathering of tens of thousands in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. It is an event like no other with art installations that leave you awestruck — colorful characters in fanciful attire — and, of course, one very tall effigy of a man set ablaze once a year. Yet, Burning Man is so much more than that — it is a full-spectrum, generationally diverse city including families and children of all ages.

Little Dragon Indie & Papa Tim, Center Camp, BM 2014.

‘Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny,’ BM 2014

April & Her Littles on Their Trusty Zebracorn, BM 2014.

Kinnikin Baby Takes the Wheel, BM 2014.

Encountering kids on the Playa always feels like a magical experience — like I’m encountering some piece of a spectacular future — rubbing elbows with the architects of a better tomorrow.

Thompson Family, BM 2014.

Their youthful spark reminds me to lighten up — to be fearlessly present and PLAY.

Making an Offering at the Temple of Grace, BM 2014.

The presence of these families in Black Rock City is a genuine gift to the community. In tribute to these Littlest Burners and their amazing parents — I am creating a photobook titled, Dusty PlayGround — an 11”x11” hardcover printed on FSC Recycled Paper, set to publish in June of 2016.

Jessica & Jonakai, BM 2014.

Baby Astara & Mama Maura, Temple of Grace, BM 2014.

To bring this book to life, I am currently raising funds through Kickstarter. You can help make it happen! I have until August 3 to raise $40,000 or I receive no funds. Please visit this link to learn more and consider backing this project.

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