How to inflate a Portlander’s ego

1. Tell them you bought shoes specifically to compliment the PDX airport carpet.

2. Tell them their homegrown kombucha recipe beats anything you could get at Whole Foods.

3. Compliment them on their wide beer-vocabulary, forged in the nation’s microbrew capital.

4. Meet their kilted, darth-vader-helmet-wearing flaming-bag-pipe-playing unicycle jaunt with applause. They’re “keeping it weird,” after all.

5. Tell them how impressed you are that they maintain a 9-to-5 AND an exotic backyard garden with several chickens.

6. Tell them how much you admire their commitment to their four-legged-friends and quirky-pet-culture.

7. Tell them you’d rather drink a “large Stumptown Hair Bender” than a “Venti Americano-Doubleshot” any day.

8. Compliment them on their impressive facial hair, and tell them they could totally win the World Championships the next time it rolls through town.

9. Let them tell you about the merits of kale and the evils of fluoride in the water.

10. Compliment them on their “flow.”

11. Ask them to take you on a sightseeing tour… of the old-growth forests.

12. Tell them that “zoobombing” definitely beats going to any amusement park, hands down.

13. And finally, tell them their smile is the only sunshine you need (note: this is particularly effective during the months of February-April)

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