The fastest way to connect with strangers in just a couple of minutes

FALLING IN LOVE may feel like a magical and unpredictable event, but there’s a way to create the sparkle of love between two individuals and it explains a lot about our relationships.

Dr. Arthur Aron, the founder of that method calls it “a procedure for interpersonal closeness”. No, it does not sound romantic, but yes, it seems to work.
The process used in Dr. Aron’s study to make two people fall in love consists of a series of 36 questions that two strangers must ask each other, followed by four minutes of the same strangers gazing into each other’s eyes. This is what New York Times’ Mandy Len Cartron calls “accelerated intimacy”.

The video above only partially uses Dr. Aron’s study; the people involed are not all strangers, and they haven’t used the list of 36 questions. However, if you watch it until the very end, you notice that the four minutes during which the participants look at each other in the eyes seem to create a strong connection. Mandy Len Cartron explains this connection by the fact that the process “generate[s] trust and intimacy, the feelings love needs to thrive”.

Give it a try today with a stranger, your date, or your life partner and let us know the emotions that came out of this experiment. We sure hope it leads to a connection as strong as the ones featured in this video.

Watch the video: How To Make Small Talk With Anyone

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