The TSA Instagram account is terrifying and hilarious

NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE think fondly of the TSA. The “random” pat-downs are irritating, the lines are long and slow moving, having to take off your shoes is ridiculous, and the “naked” body scanners are just creepy. But TSA has done at least one thing really well: Instagram.

The TSA Instagram is basically just pictures of the stuff they find in people’s bags, and some of it is absolutely insane.

The thing above, incidentally, turned out to be a keychain based on a Draven Axe from the game League of Legends.

Basic rule of thumb: don’t bring anything that looks like a grenade onto an airplane.

A less intuitive, but still good rule of thumb: keep your bag of eels at home.

Really guys? We really have to make TSA tell us that anti-tank weapons are prohibited?

So there you have it: through the power of social media, TSA proves why it is they are so desperately, desperately needed. Keep taking those shoes off, and laptops come out of the bag, please.

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