An aerial tour of beautiful Palawan in the Philippines

WHEN YOU’RE SITTING AT WORK and daydreaming about a secret island paradise, tucked away from the world, calm lagoons and pristine beaches, you might be picturing Palawan. This remote province of the Philippines is located in the southwest of the country, between the South China and Sulu Seas. Its 1,200 miles of coastline is punctuated with rocky coves, deserted islets, and white-sand beaches.

Matador invites you to take an aerial journey around this special place and enjoy a view that, until recently, was only for the birds. This entire film was shot on a DJI Phantom 2, equipped with the H3-3D gimbal along with a GoPro Hero 3+.

Special thanks to for the epic journey.

The trip to create this film was supported in part by It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Watch the video: Palawan - Port Barton Philippines An Aerial View Stock footage.

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