Watch this incredible footage of the Northern Lights in real-time

SOARING from Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo.

THE FIRST TIME I ever saw the Aurora Borealis was while traveling through Norway with my friend, fellow photographer, and Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard. We were there to make a film for SmugMug on Chris’ incredible surf photography. Every night we checked the skies, but a thick layer of gray cloud interfered. That all changed on our last night, when the skies opened, and I was treated to one of the most amazing phenomenons on Earth.

When I got home and went through the hundreds of images I had taken that night, none of them really conveyed the overwhelming emotions I felt that night. No one would be able to SEE the lights that gently danced my head. I started searching through time lapse films of beautiful Aurora shows, and while great, none of them captured the graceful movements that I remembered.

Finally a photographer has been able to bring us the experience of witnessing the Aurora, without the fast, jittery use of time lapse. Thanks to the insanely good high ISO video performance of the Sony A7s, my friend Ole C. Salomonsen has created a visually stunning masterpiece.

I contacted Ole, and he was kind enough to give me an in-depth interview on how he created this film. You can give it a read over on Fstoppers, and then check out more of Ole’s work on his website.

Watch the video: WATCH: Astronaut Spacewalk Earth Views from NASA FEED #EarthfromSpace

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