This story will change your perception of hunters

I’m not a hunter, and I’ve never had that high of a regard for hunting as a sport: it’s always struck me as kind of pointless and cruel and to some extent unnecessary in this day and age. But as someone who has never hunted, I’m not particularly well-placed to understand the merits and benefits of one of humanity’s oldest pastimes. Donnie Vincent is looking to change that. In this video, Vincent, a longtime hunter, is trying to change the minds of people who oppose hunting as a sport.

He believes that hunting gives him a better understanding of where his protein comes from, and that it gives him a greater respect for the effort it takes to feed ourselves. The reason we’re here, he says, is because our ancestors were great hunters and gatherers. And I have to say that after watching this video and hearing Donnie’s opinions on hunting, I’m more or less sold: hunting, especially hunting for the sake of providing your own food (and not the Hemingway variety of killing something because it’s big and scary and because you can) can be a noble pursuit that puts you more in touch with nature and the food you’re eating. What do you think?

Watch the video: Wildlife Laws: The Better Hunter Wins. Free Documentary Nature

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