12 of the best Airbnbs in Stockholm


When “Villa Berkle” was built in the 1950s and ’60s, engineer Lars Berkle made sure every detail was attended to. The six-bedroom house is a perfect example of “retro,” from the furniture to the wallpaper. While you may think this makes the house antiquated, it’s far from it—just take a look at the light fixtures and see for yourself. If you feel like getting away, the metro station and bus stops are a short walk away.

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This three-bedroom Södermalm apartment is a mix of clean decor and intriguing, colorful art and fixtures, from prints to plants. A three-minute walk from the metro, the apartment’s also a short walk from the boats that’ll whisk visitors off to the archipelago. If you decide to stay at home for the day but crave some sunlight, there’s a balcony to lounge on.

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50 meters from Drottninggatan, this apartment looks like it could be straight out of a furniture showroom. Surrounded by shiny steel appliances, dark wood, and well-crafted furnishings, you may feel reluctant to touch anything, but guests have full access to all of it. The hot tub and private terrace aren’t bad places to kick back. Oh, and feel free to give the host a call if you need a dinner suggestion.

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One look at this apartment’s refrigerator is sure to pique your interest (or at least your curiosity), and many of the other appliances and fixtures are sure to do the same. At 110 square meters, the apartment has plenty of room for the art that adorns the walls. For those looking to take a stroll, the space is only a 10-minute walk from Stureplan, a major public square.

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Found in Vasastan, this 43.5-square-meter apartment isn’t too large, but its character (not to mention the high ceilings) makes up for its size. With a chest instead of a coffee table, Marilyn Monroe prints on the wall, and exposed brick accent walls, the apartment’s sure to keep your eyes wandering. Once you’re done exploring the interior, you can step outside and find yourself just a few minutes from a multitude of attractions.

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Sitting on the third floor of a building in Hornstull (referred to by the host as “Stockholm’s answer to Brooklyn”), this apartment has two bedrooms and accommodates four people. In rooms trimmed with colorful art on the walls and equally colorful cabinetry, you’ll find you don’t need to leave the flat to experience the trendy vibe. But when you finally walk outside, you’ll understand the Brooklyn comparison even better.

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A small one-bedroom apartment on the 10th floor gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the city below. For an even better look at the surroundings, you can take a brief elevator ride to the restaurant on the 24th floor (save it for the evening for a visual treat). There are plenty of bars, theaters, restaurants, and more to enjoy nearby if you decide to join the people below.

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This one bedroom, one bathroom home in Saxarfjärden only sleeps four, but it’s unlikely you’ll want anyone other than your significant other with you at this seaside getaway. The cottage is on a island without car access or local transportation, so it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy your alone time. While the clean, minimalistic interior has its merits, let’s not forget why we like this place so much—location, location, location.

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Another seaside listing, only accessible by boat, this house has windows providing impressive views of the natural surroundings. The 95-square-meter rental has a patio on one side and a large terrace on the other, allowing guests to bask in the sun at all times of day. And with a fireplace in the mix, you’re unlikely to get too cold—but, if you should, there’s a sauna you can access to get your sweating in.

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The decor in this Daniel Holmqvist-designed Stockholm loft is chic. With six meters of glass doors opening towards the terrace, you can enjoy the view of the harbor with or without the elements. Making good use of artificial and natural lighting, the apartment’s ambiance can change with the time of day or the flick of a switch. Cold? Not to worry. The floors are heated.

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Windows cover the living-room walls of this six-bedroom home in the Stockholm archipelago. It isn’t a terrible place to bring the kids with you as there’s a slide, swing, and trampoline available. When you come back in from the great outdoors, there’s a sauna to warm up in. Reminiscent of many homes in the US Pacific Northwest, this home has a loft, portholes, and a small boat ready for your use.

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Located in Vasastan, this apartment’s a short walk from the popular shopping street Drottninggatan. An open floor plan permits guests in the kitchen and living room to interact without stopping their respective activities (not burning the house down is a plus). There’s a terrace that can be reached through the living room—and the glass doors can be completely opened, ideal for grilling and dining al fresco.

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