This huge walrus gathering in Alaska was caused by Global Warming

THERE IS SO MUCH ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING that I still don’t know. But when over 35,000 walruses gather in the same spot, because they don’t have enough room to properly breed and rest, it’s a pretty big indicator that climate change totally has an effect on all of our ecosystems. Part of me wants to chalk it up to “the ever changing tides of nature” and some Darwinist bullshit, but at the same time, it still sucks that receding glaciers and melting icebergs may cause walruses (and other marine animals) to die off a lot sooner.

According to an article in The Guardian, “In recent years, sea ice has receded north beyond shallow continental shelf waters and into Arctic Ocean water, where depths exceed two miles and walrus cannot dive to the bottom.” Walruses have trouble finding food and must compete for resources on and near dry land. “Young animals are vulnerable to stampedes when a large group gathers on a beach. Stampedes can be triggered by a polar bear, human hunter or low-flying airplane.”

Examples like this cause me to pay closer attention to what changes I can make in my daily life to help slow the process of global warming and climate change. Hopefully a greater emphasis will be placed on this issue by our world leaders, and we’ll see better moves at preventing future damage to our ecosystems.

Watch the video: Walrus Encounter

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