Bubbling Spring Branch Cascades

This modest 25-foot waterfall in Pisgah National Forest is just 1.8 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway on the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway (NC Highway 215). It's a short but steep hike to get a closer look at Bubbling Spring Branch Cascades. There's a parking area for several cars along the road (but no signs). You get a glimpse of the waterfall from the road until the trees grow a little more. You'll see an obvious trail (or gulley) that goes underneath the guardrail near the center of the parking area. Walk down a steep bank (be careful!) and follow the trail by the creek, through a campsite and to the base of the waterfall.

It's a beautiful setting and a great spot for early fall color. There are several large boulders at the base, so a great spot for a picnic.

See a partial view of the cascade from the road.

From the intersection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and NC Highway 215 (near Milepost 423), drive 1.8 miles north on 215 (toward Canton & Waynesville). The pulloff is on the right side of the road

Stop at the bridge just a couple of miles north on NC 215 for this postcard setting.

More Waterfalls
Continue north on Highway 215 about 2.4 miles for Sunburst Falls. Head south on Highway 215 for Wildcat Falls, Dill Falls, Courthouse Falls and French Broad, Mill Shoal and Cathedral Falls. Nearby on the Parkway are the waterfalls at Graveyard Fields and Skinny Dip Falls.

Watch the video: Falls on Bubbling Spring Branch, Middle Prong, Pisgah National Forest, NC

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