Tiny House Communities in Asheville & Western NC

As the tiny house movement grows in the United States, more places are welcoming tiny living, including Western North Carolina, which has caught on to the tiny house movement. Tiny homes are typically anywhere from 100 to 700 square feet, which gives them a smaller footprint. Some tiny home dwellers say that having a small home means they can live a large life! (Feature photo: Village of Wildflowers Tiny Home Community)

The Simple Life Tiny Home Community pool and pavilion in Flat Rock, NC

Many tiny home communities include amenities such as green spaces, fitness centers, pools, and community gardens. In Western North Carolina, you can buy a tiny home or work with a local home builder to have a custom tiny home designed and built to NC Residential Code and national building codes. Most tiny homes have a living space such as a living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Some tiny homes also have front porches and other custom features.

Simple Life tiny home.

Residents enjoy the fire at Acony Bell Tiny Home Village

If you’re ready for a large life and tiny living or simply looking for alternative housing choices and affordable housing, check out these tiny house communities in Western North Carolina.

Watch the video: Welcome to Simple Life - Flat Rock, NC

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