Top Italian Restaurants in Asheville

There’s nothing more comforting than a family-style Italian feast paired with good red wine and loved ones! A tradition around the family table is where favorite Italian dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, chicken parmesan, and more were born. That tradition continues here in Asheville with a variety of authentic Italian restaurants offering Old World Italian cuisine, as well as fresh takes on classic Italian dishes. Feature photo by Vinnie's Neighborhood Italian

Photo: Cucina 24

Many of the best places to eat Italian food in Asheville offer exemplary, scratch-made pastas like linguine, bigoli, penne, gnocchi, rigatoni, ravioli, and fettuccine. Enjoy authentic, deep flavored sauces like bolognese, carbonara, pesto, marinara, alfredo and ragus. Iconic dishes include fiorentina steak, calamari, bottarga, polenta, risotto, pizza, and more.

Don’t forget Italian sweets like panna cotta, cannoli, gelato, and tiramisu! For more sweets in Asheville, see Desserts, Donuts & Ice Cream.

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